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EUNYUL Yellow Seed Therapy Vital Ampoule 黄草籽活力亮颜安瓶50ml

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EUNYUL Yellow Seed Therapy Vital Ampoule 黄草籽活力亮颜安瓶50ml

- Skin-whitening and anti-wrinkle functions

- Vitality, captured by double capsule!

- Skin-whitening and anti-wrinkle functions

- This refreshing, highly-concentrated ampoule leaves your dull skin clear and bright, and the rolling capsules add more vitality.


1. Highly enriched ampoule containing yellow seed for elasticity and brightening
2. Spuit and opening to prevent dripping
3. Ingredients inside capsule are absorbed into skin more safely and freshly

Double Capsule has been produced to effectively deliver highly enriched ingredients.
If you pop the capsule and softly roll it, good ingredients will be absorbed more effectively.




After cleansing, take an appropriate amount and lightly massage into your skin.

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