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EUNYUL Real Serum 50ml [Collagen/Cica/Hyaluron]

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It’s Time for REAL Intensive Skin Care!

Function - #Elasticity #Firming

Formulated with collagen and berry extracts, this firming serum helps improve skin elasticity and provide a dose of nutrients to offer your skin the ultimate revitalizing solution for young, healthy skin.

Function - #Soothing #Relief

Packed with Centella Asiatica, this calming serum helps improve skin’s natural strength and relieve irritated sensitive skin to offer your skin the ultimate soothing solution for healthy, protected skin.

Function - #Radiance #Hydrating

Comprised with six different types of hyaluronic acid, this hydrating serum helps maintain moisture levels in the skin to offer your skin the ultimate moisturizing solution for healthy, plump skin.

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