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EUNYUL Pore Tightening Radiance Pack 100ml EUNYUL 细致毛孔矿物泥膜 100ml

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EUNYUL Pore Tightening Radiance Pack contains a natural ghassoul (natural mineral clay) made in Morocco. 
It helps to remove sebum and dust from your skin. Added with fresh berry complexes to nourish your skin giving you a smooth and managed skin texture. The wash-off type mask pack effectively removes blackheads and whiteheads while staying gentle to the skin.

1. Pore Care - Tightening pore care clay wash off pack is efficient for pores and sebum management

2. Skin Care - For skin calming & vitality skincare. Contains berries and botanical complexes to provide magnificient skin care routine

3. Smooth - Gentle, soft, smooth. Simply spread the mask pack for smmoth and managed skin.

How to use:

1.Apply a suitable amount to the face except eyes and lips.
2.After 15-20 min, wash your face with lukewarm water.

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