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EUNYUL Natural Moisture Mask Pack EUNYUL 天然植萃面膜

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14 Various moisture supply from the nature !
Enjoy different Natural Moisture Sheet Mask Pack every day !

Aloe [Skin soothing + Moisture supply]
- Contains aloe vera extracts keeping skin moisturised.

Vitamin [Vitamin supply + Skin texture improvement]
- Contains lemon extracts to improve skin vitality and resilience.

Snail [Skin protection + Moisture supply]
- Contains snail mucus filtrate giving skin radiance and vitality.

Pearl [Radiance + Skin texture improvement]
- Contains pearl extracts to enhance rough skin conditions.

Honey [Moisture + Nutrition supply]
- Contains honey extracts promoting good healthy skin.

Cucumber [Moisture supply + Water balance]
- The cucumber extracts content excellent for deep moisturising.

Collagen [Skin vitality + Energizing]
- Contains hydrated collagen improving skin elasticity.

Green Tea [Skin calming + Soothing]
- With green tea extracts content gently soothe the rough skin.

Coenzyme Q10 [Moisture supply + Skin brightening]
- Contains ubiquinone that helps in moisturising and improving skin tone.

Horse Oil [Skin protection + Moisture supply]
- Contains jeju horse oil supporting healthy skin care.

Hyaluron [Moisture supply + Skin elasticity]
- With hyaluronic content forming a thin transparent moisture-retentive film.

Avocado [Moisture supply + Radiance]
- Contains avocado ingredients for moist and supple skin.

Blueberry (Intense Moisture + Clear Skin)
-Contains blueberry Extracts for moist and smooth skin.

Pomegranate (Youthful Vitality + Skin Radiance)
- Contains pomegranate extracts giving moisture and energy to exhausted skin.

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