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EUNYUL Jelly Cover Cushion SPF50+ PA++++ 15g

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EUNYUL 果冻遮瑕气垫粉底 SPF50+ PA++++ 15g

EUNYUL Jelly Cover Cushion helps to cover skin blemishes naturally and it is softly absorbed into skin without skin feel tight.
In addition, it keeps skin looking smooth with good adherence.

- Evenly cover skin imperfections
- Perfectly adhere to skin
- Vital and clear skin
- Deep moisturising for glowing skin
- Awaken glowing skin
- Surprisingly gentle and light!
- Moisturised smooth finish!

Jelly Cover Cushion
- A clean cover with light touch
- Well covered with only few touches

Features of Cushion
- Fine texture latex puff : Designated thick and fine puff to provide a flawless coverage.
- Antioxidant cushion : Added with antioxidants that cannot be found in common cushions, helps in reducing wrinkles formation.

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