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EUNYUL Horse Oil Ampoule [Anit-Wrinkle] 30ml

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EUNYUL 马油滋润修复安瓶 30ml

Horse oil which has been used by opera actors to eliminate make-up poisoning from old times is known to be very similar to the human fatty acids and includes unsaturated fatty acids.
Improve the skin moisturizing and resilience.

Deep sense of resilience and moisture retention, simply with only one drop of horse oul ampoule.

- Moisturising: Instantly absorbed and gentle to skin

- Wrinkle Care: Elastic Skin. Certified strong skin barrier protection.

- Aroma: Fresh Citrus. Unique mayu scent with frsh citrus fragnance.

Concentrated management with high moisture and nutrition supply, delivering you a more elastic and resilient skin.

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