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EUNYUL Hand Cream 50g

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EUNYUL 异国芬芳手霜 50g

EUNYUL Hand Cream
- Hard-Working Hand Protector Expert care for ultra dry hands
- Moisturize dry hands and giving nice scent
- Provides moisture to dry skin and moisturises and softens.

Honey Beach Hand Cream
Sweet honey flavour that can be felt on Sydney beach is warmly wrapped.

White Musk Hand Cream
The white musk fragrance of London Saint Paul's Cathedral is pure and soft.

Jasmine Hand Cream
As you smell the jasmine blossom of the Dubai desert, you can take care of your dry hands with rich nutrition and moisturizes.

Argan Venus Hand Cream
The rich aroma of argan oil that is felt by the Venus goddess of Roman mythology is soft and pure.

Cherry Blossom Hand Cream
The cherry blossom of Zurich's pure impression lovingly warms you up.

Rose Festival Hand Cream
The fragrant scent that you can feel in Prague is kept silent and feminine.

Samba Green Tea Hand Cream
A refreshing feeling of green tea, which can feel the vibrant vitality of Brazilian Rio, gives life to tired skin.

Apple Mango Hand Cream
The dessert apple mango flavor that you can feel while traveling in HONG KONG covers your hand freshly and smoothly.

Wild Berry Garden Hand Cream
You can feel the rich fragrance of wild berries filled in the garden of Versailles palace.

White Cotton Hand Cream
Casablanca's pure white texture gives the skin a warm and cozy feel.

HONEY - EXP 2020-08-30
White Musk - EXP 2021-10-30
Jasmine - EXP 2021-12-04
Argan - EXP 2020-09-27
Rose - EXP 2021-11-18
Green Tea - EXP 2020-10-11
Apple Mango - EXP 2020-09-27
Wild Berry - EXP 2020-09-27
Cotton - EXP 2022-01-0

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