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EUNYUL Green Seed Therapy Calming Toner 绿草籽镇静舒缓化妆水 500ml

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A gentle toner with natural ingredients in a large bottle

EUNYUL Green Seed Therapy Calming Toner contains Green Seed Extracts, a combination of green fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamins.

This amazing blend helps soothe dull, dry and tired skin while maintaining skin soft.

1. 500ml Large Capacity
2. Gives fresh pleasant scent with the green seed complex
3. Calming. Skin soothing and hydrating for comfortable and moist skin

Enriched with green seed complex and viatmins helps for skin soothing to keep skin soft and smooth.




Take an appropriate amount of toner onto a cotton pad or hands and spread it evenly onto the face along with the skin texture. Gently tap until fully absorbed.

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