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EUNYUL Daily Care Toner Pads 日常护理爽肤水棉片 150g / 70pads - Cherry黑樱桃/Lime青柠

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One sheet is enough for me!

Used daily in the morning and evening.

Soaked in plenty of toner.

EUNYUL Daily Care Toner Pads 
- Smooth. Wipe the skin gently with the soft side
- Embossing. Embossed side will wipe the areas that need the intensive care such as nose and lips more effectively.

Black Cherry Toner Pads

Five hyaluronic acid complexs and black cherry extract provide nutrition and moisture to skin to make skin smooth and healthy
- Help dry and delicate skin be moist and smooth owing to effective ingredients
- Convenient toner pads to care skin texture after cleansing
- Hyaluronic Acid complex are for caring moist skin
- Feel free to use it every day owing to green tea extract

Lime Toner Pads

AHA, BHA and PHA help you have soft and smooth skin texture by gently melting dead skin cells.
The lime extract boosts smooth skin.
- Effective for oily skin, and it helps you maintain moist and smooth skin texture
- Best for oily skin, maintaining splendid skin texture after washing face
- Good for many aspects including exfoliating and moisturising
- Calming function will refresh you owing to natural extract


After cleansing, wipe a single cotton pad over face with upward strokes.
*Please close cap tightly after each use.

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