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EUNYUL Blackhead One Kill Stick 12g - Remove blackheads Remove dead skin cells Pore care whiteheads

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EUNYUL 调理毛孔粉刺棒 12g

EUNYUL Blackhead One Kill Stick contains corn starch and silica powder which helps to remove blackheads and waste on nose. And also, walnut shells powder helps to get rid of the old dead skin cell which is stacked on nose. In addition, it keeps your skin elastic with collagen ingredients and 3 types of peptide complex ingredients.

- Remove blackheads

- Remove dead skin cells

- Pore care

- Remove whiteheads

- Clean skin

Simply apply on the nose and wash off !

1. When the skin is still wet, apply on the skin with blackheads, dead skin cells and pores in a massaging motions. It softly melts out blackhead
and sebum.
2. Due to its effect of melting out impurities without generating foam, you can see the clump of melted impurities after continuosly rubbing the
3. It also remove whitehead and dead skin cells from the skin around the mouth as well as the nose.
4. Rinse with water.

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