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EUNYUL Black Seed Therapy Moisturising Peeling Gel 黑种草籽系列去角质凝胶 200ml

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EUNYUL Black Seed Therapy Moisturising Peeling Gel 黑种草籽系列去角质凝胶 200ml

EUNYUL 黑种草籽系列去角质凝胶,平价好用不伤皮肤!

EUNYUL 黑种草籽系列去角质凝胶主打深沉洁净毛孔,小颗粒的去角质成分不仅不伤皮肤还能在适当按摩搓揉之后,将毛孔里的脏污都带出来。一个星期使用一次也能察觉护肤品的吸收程度大大提升!


- Gently exfoliates and smooths the skin while black seed extract adds vitality to the dull skin, making it clear and dewy.

1. Removes keratin and impurities to improve skin texture
2. Contains marine plants and black seeds abundant in nutrition
3. Smooth and moist skin even after peeling

1. After washing your face, take a couple of pumps onto your dry face and leave the gel on your face except for the areas of your eyes and mouth.
2. 2 Massage the gel on your face for 2 ~ 3 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

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