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EUNYUL Black Seed Moisturizing / Green Seed Calming Therapy Cleansing Water 黑/绿草籽卸妆水 500ml

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1.) Green Seed Calming 镇静舒缓
适合干性肌肤, 所有肤质, 混合肌肤
* 舒缓, 卸妆, 保湿补水, 洁净

For All Skin Type, Combination Skin
* Soothing, Makeup Removal, Hydrating, Cleansing
Kiwi Helps You Finish Your Day Refreshingly.
Enriched with green seed complex, this cleansing water gently cleanses light makeup and skin wastes, and is good for calming and glowing your skin.

2.) Black Seed Moisturizing 保湿滋润
适合所有肤质, 干性肌肤
* 洁净, 保湿补水, 卸妆

For All Skin Type, Dry Skin
* Makeup Removal, Cleansing, Hydrating
Easy, Moist! Gently removes light makeup and impurities and containing black seeds lets you keep your skin comfortable and glowing.

How to use:
Saturate a cotton pad with the cleansing water, then wipe the pad across your face.
Press a single spot for 5 ~ 10 seconds to melt the makeup there, then gently wipe it.

Volume: 500ml

Origins from Korea
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