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ePure Nude Perfecting Essence 完美素肌防晒精华 30ml

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"éPure完美素肌防晒精华含防晒SPF30,并具有调色功效,一支就等于涂 了防晒,BB霜,方便省时减轻肌肤负担。"


另外,品牌更加入珍贵药材成分,令精华提升镇静及降红功能,即时缓敏感肌肤。同时具备物理防晒 SPF30 保护,有效阻隔紫外线及对抗游离基,减低肌肤对光线所受的伤害。这支多功能素肌精华使肌肤由内而外均匀透亮,为肌肤重拾素颜美!


- 可代替防晒霜、BB cream、CC cream及粉底
- 不像化妆品般会伤害皮肤,能使肌肤回复完美素肌
- 无需使用卸妆产品清洗


A multi-tasking, weightless and breathable second skin effect essence that restores skin’s inner radiance & color of youth. Ultra-fine molecules infused with anti-inflammatory to soothe red and irritated skin. The melanin-inhibiting extracts that promotes whitening and even skin tone. Broad spectrum SPF30 to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. This high-powered anti-aging formula leaves skin a perfect dewy finish while improving the complexion over time.


-Water Proof
-Broad Spectrum SPF 30
-Sebum control
-Irritant free

Know more about the product:
- It can replace sunscreen, BB Cream, CC Cream or foundation
- This serum will not harm your skin, it leaves healthier skin while giving perfect coverage
- It does not need makeup remover to wash off 

*Suitable for all skin type, including troubled & sensitive skin 

Volume: 30ml

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