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Dr Sain - Oily & Dandruff / Anti Hair Loss / Damage & Repair Shampoo / Hair Mask 500ml / Tonic100ml - Paraben SLS Free

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- Paraben Free
- Artificial Colourant Free

1.) Oily & Dandruff Shampoo 500ml
This shampoo is an effective and gentle shampoo for dandruff and oily hair and scalp. It helps reduce sebum production and leaves hair smelling good.
这款洗发水是一种有效且温和的洗发水,适用于头皮屑和油性头发和头皮。 帮助减少头皮屑。 它有助于减少皮脂的产生,让头发闻起来很香。

1. Decrease dandruff & scalp itchiness. 减少头皮屑和头皮发痒。
2. Help you control the spread of Malassezia globosa. 帮助您控制马拉色菌的传播。
3. Decreases sebum production in the scalp. 减少头皮中的皮脂产生。

2.) Follicle Shampoo Anti-Hair Loss 500ml
This shampoo is specially formulated to gently cleanse your hair while providing your scalp with nourishment. It keeps hair hydrated and takes care of hair and scalp.
这款洗发水经过特殊调配而成,可温和清洁头发,同时为头皮提供营养。 它也可以让头发保持水分,并护理头发和头皮。

1. Inhibits 5alpha-reductase 抑制5α-还原酶。
2. Follicle Anti Aging 毛囊抗衰老。
3. Stimulation of cell metabolism, improve hair growth cell 刺激细胞新陈代谢,改善毛发生长细胞。

3.) Damage & Repair Shampoo 500ml
This shampoo gently cleanse your hair while providing colour protection to your hair. It also provides nutrients and helps to strengthen the hair. Moisturized, softer and healthier hair. 这款洗发水温和地清洁您的头发,同时为您的头发提供颜色保护。 它还提供营养 并有助于加强头发。 头发也更加滋润。 头发更柔软、更健康。

1. Strengthen and repair hair. 强化和修复头发。
2. Protects hair against damage from over-heating, coloring, bleaching and straightening, while increasing its strength and elasticity. 保护头发免受过热、染色、 漂白和拉直的伤害,同时增加其强度和弹性。
3. Decreases sebum production in the scalp. 减少头皮中的皮脂产生。

How to use SHAMPOO 4 easy steps.
Step 1: Comb your hair gently to smoothen them before shampoo. 洗发前先用梳子梳理头发。
Step 2: Wet hair thoroughly.把头发弄湿。
Step 3: Apply shampoo onto hair scalp and wash gently. 使用洗发液轻柔洗发。
Step 4: Dry hair gently with towel to naturally open up the hair scale. After that, use hair dryer to dry hair from top to bottom to avoid damage on hair texture.用毛巾轻轻擦干头发,让头发毛鳞片打 开。之后,使用吹风机从头到尾吹干头 发,以免损伤头发质地。

4.) Damage & Repair Mask 500ml
This hair mask is specially formulated infused with amino acids, it has strengthening effect and moisturising effect on the hair.
护发液加入了氨基酸,对头发具有增强作用和保湿作用。 这款护发液可使头发更飘逸,更顺滑。

HOW TO USE: After Shampooing, apply onto hair from mid-length to end, leave on for 2-4 minutes before rinse thoroughly.

1. Add strength, gloss, softness and flexibility to hair 增加头发的强度,光泽,柔软度和柔韧性。
2. Helps to protect against scalp flaking and itchiness 防止头皮剥落和发痒。
3. Protects hair against damage from over-heating, coloring, bleaching and straightening 刺激细胞新陈代谢,改善毛发生长细胞。
4. Increase moisture retention in hair 增加头发的水分保持力。

5.) Dr.Sain Intensive Tonic 100ml
1. Decrease hair loss 减少脱发
2. Stimulate hair growth and improve the cellular oxygenation and skin/scalp microcirculation 刺激头发生长,改善细胞氧合和皮肤/头皮微循环
3. It has repairing and strengthening effect on human hair 对人的头发有修复和增强作用

HOW TO USE: Spray directly onto the scalp before / after dry hair. Massaging in to ensure even distribution.

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