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Dr.Sain - Hair+ Vitamin Powder Drinks Hair Growth Supplement (10G x 15 Sachets/Box)

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Contains 15 sachets in 1 box

Consume 1 sachet per day for strong, thick and shiny hair.

Hair+ is an advanced formulation of bio-active nutrients based on the latest scientific research.

This product is a unique combination of nutrition including loniplex, Polyamine, Zinc, Biotin, and Selenium which contribute to support healthy growth and boost normal hair to thicker, fuller hair.


该产品是由包含了 loniplex、多胺、锌、生物素和硒合成的独特营养,作为头发健康生长的营养品, 并使正常头发变得更浓密、更丰盈。


1. Stimulate cells also promotes faster hair growth 刺激细胞还能促进头发更快生长。

2. Increases in the overall appearance of hair 增加头发的整体外观。

3. Strengthen scalp and hair follicles 强化头皮和毛囊。

4. Strengthen the hair shaft 加强毛干 。

How to consume Hair+ Supplement in 2 easy steps 食用Hair+ 营养补充剂简单四步骤

Step 1: Take 1 sachet mix into 120ml - 150ml of water. 将 1 小包营养补充剂倒入120 - 150毫升的水中。

Step 2: Shake well before drink. 饮用前摇匀。

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