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Daxxo 4 Ply Surgical Face Mask Individually Wrapped Adult 50pcs 个别包装医用外科口罩 Medical Mask HAC Air HEPA Care4u Sister

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Daxxo 4-ply Surgical Mask Individually packed Adult

- Surgical Grade (Better protection compare with Medical Grade)
- 50 pieces per box
- Individual Pack Mask
- Available in Black, White, Dark Blue
- Grade: ASTM Level 3 | EN Type IIR
- UV-C Sterilized
- BFE ≥ 99% & PFE ≥97% ·
- High Quality & Durable Ear-Loop
-Zero human contact manufacturing process.

A typical mask is manufactured in a pharmaceutical-standard Clean Room Every cubic foot of air is filtered by HAC Air System and HEPA filter.

And anything or anyone that goes into the Clean Room needs to go through multiple level of decontamination process Air shower, UV lights. Even the tap water are RO grade water. Making this space as clean as a hospital's operation room.

Fully automated production line with zero human contact. Up untill the mask is produced and individually sealed. Making sure the only one that touches your face mask is your own hand. A truly sterile and safe solution.

How to use:
1. Wash or sanitise your hands before tear off the individual medical face mask's plastic bag.
2. Hold the mask by both ear loops and place one loop over each ear.
3. Pull the bottom band over your head and position it against the nape of yout neck.
4. Mould the bendable metallic upper strip to the shape of your nose by pinching and pressing down on it with your fingers.

Volume: 50pcs / Box (Individual Packaging)

Care International Certification
ISO13485: 2016

U Care Protection Industries S/B

*Made in Malaysia

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