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CORINGCO Snow Shining Milky Skin 白雪公主水嫩润泽亮白霜 200g [Exp Nov 2021]

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功效: 亮白, 保湿补水, 美白

适用肌肤: 所有肤质

Whitening capability of any part of the body.
It calibrates to the brightest tone in your skin.
Brightest tone production that’s natural to the skin.
Creates clean, clear milky skin.

Benefits: Brightening, Hydrating, Whitening

Skin Type: All Skin Type


1. Take an appropriate amount of this product and apply it evenly on the morning and evening basic care finishing steps.
2. Apply it like lotion from inside side towards outwards.
3. Apply and tab lightly as if you are absorbing the content rather than applying it on to the suface.

1. Apply an appropriate amount to the areas that need the whitening then lighly roll like you are massaging.
2. Apply a small amount of discolored parts.

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