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CORINGCO Shabam Shabam Romantic Glitter 3.0g

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This liquid eye glitter creates glamourous and glittering eye makeup, comes in 3 colors to suit your skin tone. Its water base makes it more adhesive in order to create a long-wearing point makeup without smudging. Gives a glowing effect from different angles with the peal glitters. The thin and soft glitter particles glide on the eyelids softly and are not easy to fall, which delivers long-lasting glittering eye makeup.

1.Unique Sparkling glitter

Mix five-coloured pearls with different pearl sizes in a transparent gel base. For exclusively shiny eyes frfom any angle.

2. Slim Application

Thin and elastic applicator brush minimizes eyes irritation and is easy use by ensuring application of glitter, layer by layer.

Ultra-fine brush makes adjusting the amount of cosmetics easy, for neat application even for beginners. Apply only to the desired area neatly without caking on the underline or the eyelids.

Tip :

Using the brush in a downward motion. Apply to your eyelids as much as you want.

Using the brush in a standing position. Apply glitter in a small amount, layer by layer.

3. Quick fixing around the eyes

The transparent gel based is equipped with a film coating system to enhance adhesion and durability. Experience lesspowdery glitter!

Adheres quickly with a texture resistant to sweat and oil and lasting effect without smearing or becoming airborne.

Tip : Glitter cleansing tip

- Using the exclusive remover and a cotton swab, remove the glitter by ejecting the content of the remover and wiping with the swab.

Directions :

1. Apply a thin layer over the eyelids or areas you want to accentuate.

2. Use fingertips to provide more vibrant payoff than a brush or sponge tip.

3. Use Nude Skin Lip & Eye Remover to gently and thoroughly wipe off the glitters.

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