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CORINGCO Good Bye Oil Primer Pact 25g

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- Primer, Makeup Fixer & Oil Paper Functions
- Apply with Moist Feeling
- Softly Cover Pores
- Fix Shiny & Oily Skin
-  Protects Oil & Water Balance

Goodbye Oil Primer Pact is a multifunctional pact that can be used as primer, powder and makeup fixer to fix shiny, oily skin and keep it soft!
Liquid powder that removes shiny sebum. The powder selects and absorbs only excessively secreted oil to make the skin moist when applying and soft afterward.

It acts as a primer to completely covering pores and acts as a powder pact to absorbing only sebum.
The fine powder contained in the product removes sebum to make skin softer. “Elastomer” wraps bumpy skin and pores.

- As primer/fixer: Pat on the entire face evenly before makeup to cover up pores and prolong the makeup.
- As oil paper after long-hours makeup:
1. After long hour, when makeup starts melting, use the puff to obtain a proper amount.
2. Pat gently on the face for makeup correction and excessive sebum absorbing.


1. Please get consultation when you get red spots and blisters after using.
In case of abnormal symptoms or side effects, such as ascension or itching, you must meet a specialist or a doctor.
2. Avoid using the injured part
3. Precautions for Storage and Handling
A) Keep out of the reach of children
B) Keep away from direct sunlight

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