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Cocod'or Scented Cards 3pcs - Gift Perfume for Wardrobe/ Hangers Shoe closet Bag Cabinet Car Perfume Fragrance

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Cocod'or Scented Cards 3pcs

Cocod'or Scented Cards Unlike a liquid diffuser, it does not flow or stain in a solid form, so it can perfectly be used in a cabinet, drawer, car, or bag.

THOUGHTFUL GIFT IDEA - It is a thoughtful gift idea for weddings, birthdays, housewarming parties, Christmas, holidays, Mother's day, and Father's Day.

Give joy to your parents, friends, colleagues, and customers with our luxurious Cocod'or diffusers.

Black Amber
- The warm and sweet scent of resin, such as Opopophanux and Labdanum, meet with ambergris and ocean. Embrace the beautiful nature of the Mediterranean Sea with the unique scent notes that make you feel comfortable.
Note :Top(Ginger, Lemon)
Middle(Opopanax, Lily, Labdanum)
Base(Ambergris, Black orchid)

- Eucalyptus with a refreshing mint scent. Helps purify your space and mind. Soaring high into the clear sky. Enjoy fresh bathing in the eucalyptus forest.
Note : Top(Lemon, Mint, Lemongrass)
Base(Earthy note)

- The bright, cheerful sonata melody of Mozart. A feast of colourful flowers as the embroidered flowers. Like girls wearing their beautiful elegant ballet suits. Demonstrating their dancing skills in the school.
Note : Top(Black currant, Mango)
Middle(Rose, Gardenia, Pinkhyacinth)
Base(Lotus, Galbanum)

- Enjoy this April's festival where a magnolia tree in full bloom and red berries sparkling with elegance. Walking along the path with you and enjoying the warmth of spring.
Note : Top(Red berry, Green leaves)
Middle(Cherry blossom, Magnolia)
Base(Leadery note, Cedarwood, Vanilla)

Sea Breeze
- A memory of the cool summer with the fresh sea breeze blowing far away from the vast Australian South Pacific Ocean. Embrace the waves crashing and splash on the shore.
Note : Top(Cyclamen, Bergamot)
Middle(Mint, Moss, Geranium)
Base(Ambergris, Vetiver)

How to use Solid Diffuser:
1. Wardrobe/ Hangers
2. Shoe closet
3. Carrier/ Bag
4. Tabletop in the kitchen
5. Toilet
6. Inside the car

Capacity: 3 counts in 1 Package / Item dimension : 2.7(L) x 3.9(H) x 0.1(W) inches

How to use
- Open the wrapped plastic and use it wherever you desire.
- For a card type diffuser, tie a ribbon and hang it on a hanger or a handle.
- For stick type diffuser, simply insert the sticks into a pretty bottle.
* Do not insert into the diffuser solution.
- Convenient to use in a closet, drawer or bag as it does not spill or smear.

First Aid
1. In case of ingestion or swallowing, take first aid and consult a doctor immediately.
2. If medical attention is required, show product containers or labelling information.
3. Get medical treatments when skin irritation or allergy appears.
4. If you experience any adverse body reactions such as difficulty in breathing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, allergies, and frequent coughing, discontinue usage immediately and consult a doctor.

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