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Cocod'or Room Spray 80ml - Perfume Spray Room Cloth Removes 99% of body odors lasting fragrance

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After a happy dinner, it was found that the clothes were stained with food odor. What to do?

Spray with COCODOR clothing space spray

The peculiar smell disappears instantly, and the light fragrance is more pleasant and smells better than perfume!

- Anti-static, Certified by testing Institution

- Removes 99% of body odors

- Naturally derived ingredients

- Strong, long-lasting fragrance

- 24-hour lasting fragrance

What makes COCODOR different from the traditional deodorants?

- Deodorization effect

- Antistatic protection

- Natural ingredients

- 24h persistence

Clean Cotton - With the warm sunshine illuminates the ground and the refreshing breeze blowing the dry laundry. Feel the gentle floral refreshing fragrance as the beginning of the warm spring.

Cherry Blossom - Leaning against the window and feel the gentle breze blowing into the room. Enjoy the warmth of the sunlight embracing the soft flower petals. Discovered the sweetness and cuteness in the early summer.

Peach Tree - Beautiful evening sunset decorates the sky of the summer. And the slow blowing breeze cooling down the atmosphere. With sweet and fresh peach tree fragrance soother our tiredness.

Natural Greentea - Soft breeze blow within the green leaves in the summer afternoon. Spreading the aroma of refreshing tea leaves and lime in the air. Carrying off the annoyance, calming down our bodies and mind.

Baby Powder - Lovely light powdery scnet fills up the empty space. Slowly letting out your stress and tiredness. Feels like resting peacefully on the cloud.

Rain Rose - Rain droplets shining on the roses after a light drizzle. Spreading the lovely sweetness in the humid air. A fragrance that makes everything better.

The formation of sediment is a natural phenomenon for Cocodor Room Spray due to the use of natural extracts as ingredients.

The deposition does not affect the product quality and is safe to use. Shake well before use.How to use

Open the bottle cap and spray on the clothes that need deodorization or the space with a peculiar smell. Shake well before use.

Emergency Measures

A. If the contents come into contact with your eyes or skin, wash with dean water and consult with a doctor if abnormalities occur.

B. If you consume or swallow the contents by accident, take emergency measures and immediately consult with a doctor.

C. If irritation or red spots occur, seek medical help.

Directions: Open the bottle cap and spray on the clothes that need deodorization or the space with peculiar smell.

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