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Cocod'or Herbarium Diffuser 220ml

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4 scents to choose:
Black Cherry- Mixed with the sweetness of grape and apple for a sweet and mysterious scent unique to black cherry that brightens livens up the interior.

April Breeze- A harmonious mixture of a strong floral scent, sweet berries, and a cozy and powdery note for a fragrance that delivers the sensation of a softener.

Floral Bouquet- The floral bouquet lilac with the attractive fragrance of fresh flowers and the carnation's floral notes add a fresh scent and help you feel refreshed.

Pure Cotton- A mixture of white laundry, a citrus note, and mint, leaves a texture of clean cotton to recreate a clean and pure feeling of white quilt.


The Cocodor Habarium diffuser offers a combination of the beauty of flowers and the fragrance of diffusers, and is an interior design accessory that keeps the feeling of the flowers alive for a long time.

SAFETY- Our fragrances are free from formaldehyde, methanol, benzene, glyoxal, and cl dichloroethylene and adhere to IFRA standards and regulations. All of our diffuser bottles have completed safety tests.

EASY SCENT CONTROL AND LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE- You can choose to add or remove the number of reed sticks to match your taste. It takes 1 or 2 days for the fabric sticks to soak in the scent. When the fragrance weakens, simply turn the reed sticks upside down or replace them with new ones.

THOUGHTFUL GIFT IDEA- It is a thoughtful gift idea for weddings, birthdays, housewarming parties, Christmas, holidays, Mother's day, and Father's Day. Give joy to your parents, friends, colleagues, and customers with our luxurious Cocod'or diffusers.

How to use:
Step 1 - Open the silver (gold, rose gold, etc.) lid by turning it.
Step 2 - Remove the inner stopper by twisting the inner stopper and container using scissors, etc.
Step 3 - Close the silver (gold, rose gold, etc.) lid again.
Step 4 - Adjust the position of the dried flower beautifully with the reed stick.
Step 5 - Insert the reed stick according to your preference and ready to use.

Using tips:
- Adjust the intensity of scent with number of reed sticks. When using the diffuser for the first time, insert 2-3 reed sticks and feel the scent. Add or subtract the number of reed sticks according to your preference.
- The reed stick takes 1 to 2 days to absorb the scent. Wood sticks or flower sticks may take longer time.
- Turn the reed stick upside down or replace it with a new one when the fragrance become weak.
- To prevent solution from leaking, the rubber stopper is tightly fitted. Thus, it is recommended to separate the inner stopper by using scissors, to reach the gaps of the stopper.

- Keep out of reach of infants and children.
- This product is not intended for vehicles.
- Keep away from heat and ignition sources.

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