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Cocod'or Herbarium Diffuser 200ml

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A diffuser that can preserve the most beautiful appearance of a flower for a long time through the process of dehydration, bleaching, coloring, preservation, and drying with special preservatives.

What is a herbarium ?

It is a product that allows you to enjoy the beauty of flowers and the fragrance of diffusers together. It is usually called a plant sample and is widely regarded as an interior accessory that can keep the beauty of life for a long time.

SAFETY- Our fragrances are free from formaldehyde, methanol, benzene, glyoxal, and cl dichloroethylene and adhere to IFRA standards and regulations. All of our diffuser bottles have completed safety tests.

EASY SCENT CONTROL / LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE- You can choose to add or remove the number of reed sticks to match your taste. It takes 1 or 2 days for the fabric sticks to soak in the scent. When the fragrance weakens, simply turn the reed sticks upside down or replace them with new ones.

Cocod'or Technology :

1. Special and delicate fragrance by master of perfumers

2. Long-lasting fragrance as an outcome of research

3. Carefully selected ingredients that are safe and durable

4. Botanical ethanol content obtained from the fermentation of grains

5. Safety inspection by accredited agencies.

6. Reasonable price through direct production/distribution.

Product Compositions :

Original 200ml + Preserved Flower Set + Ivory Fibre Stick 5P + Exclusive Box

Even if there is a slight water draining when using the preserved flower, it is a natural phenomenon and there is no problem with the safety usage.


BLACK CHERRY- Spreading the ripe black cherries sweet fragrance with refreshing Jasmine and Heliotrope scents

APRIL FRESH- Soft fruity fragrance that enriched with the freshness of Orange flower and Jasmine.

ENGLISH PEARFREE- Unique charming English Pear fragrance blended with light sweetness from Honey.


Use Tip

1. The strength of the diffusers fragrance can be adjusted with lead sticks. When using for the first time, put 2~3 lead sticks and smell the fragrance. And then add or remove. the lead sticks to your liking.

2. The fiber stick takes 1~2 dats to suck the fragrance up. The wood stick or flower stick could take longer.

3. If the fragrance is weak, it is recommended to turn the lead stick in the diffuser over or replace with new ones.

How to use :

1. Rotate the silver (gold, rose gold, etc.) lid to open it

2. Seperate the ionner stopper by twisting it and the container using a scissor, etc.

3. Close the silver lid again. Put lead sticks as much as you like to use.

Specification : 200ml

Benefits : Fragrance

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