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Cocod'or Anti-bug Diffuser 200ml (Rose Garden/Lavender Blanc)

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Insect repellent fragrance

- Premium fragrance base added with Geraniol component found in beautiful roses together with the fermented plant-based ethanol to keep insects away.

- Specially designed as an alternative to pesticides for indoor use.

- Insect repellent effect with mild scent and safe ingredients.

Rose Garden

- An elegant rose fragrance wafting through the air From the natural scent of the wide grass field.

Lavender Blanc

- A clean summer breeze from lavender. The purple lavender freshness decorates the warm sunlight, Giving a soft pure fragrance.

CONTENTS: Diffuser 200ml / 6.7oz

Recommended for people who:

1. Looking for an alternative to pesticides at home

2. Want to use 24 hours without harmful ingredients

3. Preferred a natural mild scent

4. Preferred sensual interior products

Use Tip:

1. The strength of the diffuser's fragrance can be adjusted with lead sticks. When using it for the first time, put 2~3 lead sticks and smell the fragrance. And then add or remove. The lead sticks to your liking.

2. The fiber stick takes 1~2 days to suck the fragrance up. The wood stick or flower stick could take longer.

3. If the fragrance is weak, it is recommended to turn the lead stick in the diffuser over or replace with new ones.

How to use:

1. Use your hand or tools like forceps to remove the plastic cork out gently.

2. Put as mana reed as you want in the vessel and let the oil evaporate slowly.

3. Keep it away from the reach of small hands and paws.

4. Avoid any direct sunlight and open flame.


Each seasonal product's packaging / real preserved flowers sometimes might be changed due to the Korean manufacturers. The pictures are just for reference only. Please keep it away from water and all liquid to avoid fragrance deterioration.

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