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Cadeau Lip Glow Celosia(Red)/Jacques Cartier (Pink)/Acacia (Yellow)/Viridiflora (Green)/Gift Box Set

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CADEAU Pure Flower Extract Lip Glow - GL01 Celosia (Red)
CADEAU Pure Flower Extract Lip Glow - GL02 Jacques Cartier (Pink)
CADEAU Pure Flower Extract Lip Glow - GL03 Acacia (Yellow)
CADEAU Pure Flower Extract Lip Glow - GL04 Viridiflora (Green)
CADEAU Pure Flower Extract Lip Glow - Box Set (4 Colours)

Everyone wants one! The trendy lipglow every blogger is using. Beautiful flower in a lipstick. Minimalist but luxurious packaging. Handcrafted in Korea. 

This box sent contains four colours: CELOSIA (Red) | JACQUES CARTIER (Pink) | ACACIA (Yellow) | VIRIDIFLORA (Green)

- Minimalist packaging with flower motifs and soft pastel colours.

- Handcrafted in Korea.

- Limited quantity produced everyday.

- Plated rose gold casing with a mirror finish.

- Smooth consistency when applied.

- Has a balm finish on lips.

- Changes colour to soft pink tint after 3 seconds setting time.

- Colour stays up to 8 hours.

- Sweet fruity floral fragrance.

- Highest quality natural ingredients suitable for sensitive skin.

- Lip glow uses nine flower essences in manufacturing process.

- Real flowers with gold flakes sealed inside lip glows.


1. Chamomilla Recutita – Chamomile
2. Hibiscus Sabdariffa – Roselle Hibiscus
3. Calendula Officinalis – English Marigold/Calendula
4. Rosa Damascena – Damask Rose
5. Bellis Perennis – Common Daisy
6. Magnolia Kobus – Kobushi Magnolia
7. Lilium Tigrinum – Tiger Lily
8. Lavandula Angustifolia – Lavender
9. Rosa Rugosa – Beach Rose

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