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Bouyiee / Bonanza KFM Q10 Mask 宝艺酵素冷面膜 250g - Facial Jelly Mask Hydrating Soothing Whitening

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Bouyiee (Bonanza) 宝艺 KFM 酵素冷膜250g

Bouyiee Zymo-excitative Memberaneous Q10 KFM 250g
水感净颜面膜,净白冻膜人气王就是要你水、嫩、白、透!天然的分解酵素更可有效调理脸部暗沉现象, 萃取的洋甘菊菁华原液,轻松调理肌肤不适及晒后泛红。

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BONANZA Zymo-excitative Membraneous, a watery, clear and natural mask, deeply clears away dirt inside pores. It can be used every day. It allows you to finish main skincare regimen including cleansing, brightening and recovery of skin elasticity in just one step. Natural enzyme effectively nurses dull complexion. Chamomile ET easily relieves skin irritation as well as sunburned skin with redness, and deeply cleanses skin, leaving skin more delicate, fairer and clearer.

*Restores the elasticity of your skin
*Contains natural pectin and effectively conditions your skin
*Contains enzyme Roubai and improves skin suppleness
*Natural chamomile extract calms mild skin discomfort and conditions dull skin

Ingredient: water purified,carbomer,isopropanol glycol,liquorice extract,triethamine,perfume.

How to use:
After cleansing and basic skincare regimen, apply Zymo-excitative Membraneous to face. The layer should be 5mm thick.
Leave on for about 35 minutes. If you feel that the face is not cool or is a little bit warm, you should remove the product and re-apply.
Remove with a spatula. Rinse with water.

Bonanza New Packaging Announcement:

Bonanza 台湾原译 Bouyiee ( 宝艺)是来自同一家厂商。近期台湾原厂商进行产品更新包装,故会出现新旧包装不一样的品牌名称 Bonanza / Bouyiee 宝艺。新旧包装将会随机发货,包装印有正品维码,请放心使用。

Bonanza cosmetic also well known as Bouyiee ( 宝艺)at Taiwan.
Bouyiee ( 宝艺) is official brand name in Taiwan. Products NEW packaging revamp in progress, OLD packaging (printed bonanza cosmetic) and NEW packaging( printed with Bouyiee) will be sent out randomly. With QR CODE verified.

Origin from Taiwan
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