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Bonanza / Bouyiee KUM Q10 Jelly Mask 250g 宝艺KUM 保湿冷膜

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Bonanza 宝艺KUM 保湿冷膜 250g

Bonanza Active-moisture Memberaneous Q10 KUM (250g)


双重小分子保湿成分可深入肌肤底层锁住可能流失的水分,补充肌肤每天所需的满满水份, 恢复弹力和紧实肌肤











It gives instant hydration which contain 3 benefits, namely restoring skin's elasticity, moisturizing and whitening. In addition to leaving skin fair, it soothes discomfort after sun exposure.

It keeps skin moist and supple for a long period of time.

-Moisturises your skin and restores its elasticity

-Improves dry and rough skin

-Provides long long-lasting moisture- without leaving a sticky feeling

-Rich in natural moisturizing factors and a variety of ionic acids and other organic ingredients


D-panthenol,glycosyl trehalose/hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, scleroglucan,propylene glycol,triethanolamine,carboxymethylcellulose,glycerine

Note:This 250g is upgrade version which added Q10 ingredient to make your skin more firm & shine 

How to use: 

1.After cleansing, toning and applying essence, evenly apply a thick layer (approximately 3mm thick) to the face 

2.Leave on for about 40 minutes before rinsing off.   

Bonanza New Packaging Announcement:
 Bonanza 台湾原译 Bouyiee ( 宝艺)是来自同一家厂商。近期台湾原厂商进行产品更新包装,故会出现新旧包装不一样的品牌名称 Bonanza / Bouyiee 宝艺。新旧包装将会随机发货,包装印有正品维码,请放心使用。 

Bonanza cosmetic also well known as Bouyiee ( 宝艺)at Taiwan. Bouyiee ( 宝艺) is official brand name in Taiwan. Products NEW packaging revamp in progress, OLD packaging (printed bonanza cosmetic) and NEW packaging( printed with Bouyiee) will be sent out randomly. With QR CODE verified.

Origin from Taiwan (with QR CODE 正品维码)

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