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BEAUTY NINE Facial Cleansing Soft Brush

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- Two-sided for deep cleansing and massaging.

- Soft bristles that are gentle to the skin.

- Use with cleanser on the face and neck.

- The dual-sided cleansing brush helps invigorate, refresh and deeply cleanse the skin for a radiant-looking skin complexion.

- The luxuriously soft bristles help to gently clean deep into pores while the flexible silicone exfoliates and massages the skin.

- The comfort grip handle is ergonomically shaped to aid in controlled cleansing.

Size: 5.5*13cm


- Apply face cleanser to moistened brush or face and gently massage into the skin.
- Using circular motions, start from the center of the face and work outwards.
- Use brush all over the face and down into the neck for about 30 seconds. Rinse brush after each use.
- Use once daily or as often as desired.

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