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Beauty Maker Pro Cosmetic Brush Travel Kit

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《美肌修修无痕专业迷你刷具组》 小小一盒完成彩妆的无限可能! 毛质触感柔软不伤肌肤,呈现自然美妆立体感。精巧包包款设计,携带方便。 ?腮红蜜粉两用刷 ?大型眼影刷 ?小型眼影刷 ?眉毛眼线刷 ?唇刷

Brushes texture is delicate and soft, not causing skin sensitiviy, showing the natural beauty of dimensional. Small package design, easy to carry.

Detailed Brush Set X Must-have for Beginner

Capacity: 5pcs/bag


- Dab moderate amount of powder on face. Apply for a flawless finish with high quality texture.
- Use with correctors and concealers to apply, layer and blend.


1. Keep in dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
2. After applying the products and under the sun exposure, if redness, swelling and irritation occur, stop using the products and consult a dermatologist.
3. Avoid applying over open wounds, allergies, eczema, swelling, or other abnormal areas.

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