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Beauty Buffet Scentio Milk Plus Bright & White Bath Cream 450ML

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1. 天然护肤理念,产品质感温和,牛奶的萃取物使肌肤更白嫩无瑕
2. 轻轻揉搓间,即先丰富细腻泡沫,将污垢统统吸走
3. 温和舒缓,令肌肤毛孔充分打开,有助于后续养分充分渗透
4. 拥有无可比拟的抗氧化能量,令肌肤焕然一新

Turn your shower or bath into a skin-enhancing beauty treatment. Scentio Whitening Milk Bath Cream is rich in Co Q10, known for its skin revitalizing properties. Together with Super Vitamin E, it also forms a powerful antioxidant complex to protect against the damaging effects of free radicals. While Milk Extracts keeps your skin nourished, and leaves skin fine, brighter, and even-toned.

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