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Bathpa Phyto Scalp Oil Cut Mist 植萃头皮控油 护发喷雾 100ml

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Bathpa 植萃控油 护发喷雾为您的头皮及大量流汗的肌肤提供前所未有的清爽与新鲜感!

功效: 洁净, 防油, 控油, 清新


Step 1 请在使用前摇4-5次
Step 2 喷洒头皮处
Step 3 按摩头皮帮助吸收效果更佳

Bathpa Phyto Oil Cut Mist gives invigorating freshness you never have to your scalp or even on a sweaty neck!
-Scalp cooling effect
-Hair odour removing
-Reduce excessive sweating
-Low irritation formulation
-Refreshing oil-controlling finish

Benefits: Oil Control, Refreshing, Cleansing, Oil Proof


Step 1 Shake 4-5 times to mix well.
Step 2 Spray near the scalp.
Step 3 Tap for better absorption to finish!
*Use before going out in the morning to maximize the effect.

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