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BARULAB The Clean Vegan Mask 10pcs (All Variant Mix) 纯素保湿面膜 10片

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BARULAB 纯素面膜 10片

-经皮肤学测试,pH 5.5 (+/-0.5) 平衡, 优化皮肤舒适度。
-所有成分 EWG 等级。 不含香精。
-采用 植物材料(Lyocell 和竹子)制成。


BaruLab The Clean Vegan Mask 10pcs (All Variant Mix) *无动物成份
Aloe/Cica/Green Tea/Hyaluronic Acid/Olive/Shea Butter/Ahabaha/Tea Tree/Vitamin C/Peptide

This is a 100% vegan formula product, without any animal-derived ingredients, and utilizing a 100% natural vegetable sheet that has not been tested on animals.

Formula certified by the French EVE Vegan organization, and sheet material certified by the Korean Vegan Association.

-Certified Vegan formula and sheet
-pH 5.5 balanced for optimal skin comfort
-Cruelty Free
-Dermatologically Tested
-All EWG Green Ingredients

1.) HYALURON - Hydrating (For dry & anti-aging) 保湿 - 干性肌肤 、抗衰老

2.) CICA - Repairing (For sensitive & trouble Skin) 修复 - 敏感肌、痘痘肌

3.) VITAMIN C - Brightening (For anti-aging & dull skin) 提亮 - 抗衰老、暗沉肌

4.) PEPTIDE - Anti-wrinkle (For anti-aging & dull skin) 抗皱 - 抗衰老、暗沉肌

5.) TEATREE - Anti-blemish (For sensitive & dull Skin) 抗痘 - 敏感肌、暗沉肌

6.) AHA/BHA - Exfoliating (For sensitive & dull Skin) 紧实 - 敏感肌、暗沉肌

7.) ALOE - Soothing (For sensitive & dry skin) 舒缓 - 敏感肌、干性肌

8.) GREENTEA - Balancing (For sensitive & trouble Skin) 平衡 - 敏感肌、痘痘肌

9.) SHEABUTTER - Nourishing (For sensitive & dry skin) 滋养 - 敏感肌、干性肌

10.) OLIVE Moisturizing (For dry & anti-aging) 补水 - 干性肌、抗衰老

1 - Prepare the skin by cleansing and
2 - Place the mask onto the face and smooth out any uneven areas.
3 - Remove after 10~15 minutes. Gently pat any remaining serum into the skin.

Content: 10ea (All variant mix)

**100% Original & AuthenticImported from Korea.
**Authorized Reseller (Certified by Barulab International)

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