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BARULAB Black Clay Cleansing Foam 100g 火山灰清结洗面霜 Acne Sensitive Oily Skin Pores Deep Cleansing facial wash

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- Gentle foam cleanser with deep cleansing effects suitable for daily use.  
- Contains volcanic ashes and active charcoal for effective cleansing and pore care  
- Deep cleansing while protecting and repairing the skin's barrier  
- Tested safe for sensitive skin with no irritation  
- Effectively removes residual makeup and gently exfoliates the surface of the skin  

Key Ingredients:  
- Volcanic ash: Absorbs skin impurities  
- Active Charcoal: Softens skin  
- Ceramide: Skin barrier protection  
- Argan Kernel Oil: Moisture retension  
- 3 BLACK COMPLEX: Sebum and blackhead control  
- Beta-Glucan: Deep hydration (twice as much as hyaluronic acid)

Take an appropriate amount and make foam with a small amount of water and massage gently. Wash thoroughly with lukewarm water.
- Recommended for oily/acne-prone skin  
- Recommended for daily, night time use

The Black Clay Cleansing Foam contains all the benefits of deep pore cleansing but is also gentle for daily use. Formulated with a blend of volcanic ash and active charcoal, it effectively washes away residual make-up and absorbs excess sebum and impurities from the pores.

The cleansing foam's unique BLACK complex gently removes excess sebum and stubborn blackheads to maintain clear skin. With a touch of argan oil, this cleanser gently fills and locks in the skin's natural moisture for a total clean experience without the excess drying of regular deep cleansers. The formula also contains Barulab's unique Beta-Glucan3 ingredient which works to repair the skin's natural barrier by restoring the skin's oil-water balance, and with extended use, the skin becomes less prone to irritation and breakouts. 

The shiny black texture exfoliates into moisturizing foam with tiny bubbles that reach deep into even the smallest pores. From surface makeup to impurities buried deep inside pores, it’s the solution to perfectly clean, glowing skin.

Content: 100ml

**100% Original & Authentic Imported from Korea.
**Authorized Reseller (Certified by Barulab International)

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