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Baby Organix Classic Range O'Clean Laundry Powder 1KG & O’Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent 1L

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O’Clean Laundry Powder 1 KG
2 Flavours: Lavender / Antiseptic

- BabyOrganix O’Clean Laundry Powder is the laundry powder with Zero ‘O’ nasty ingredients, protecting your home, safer for the environment and yet remove the toughest stains on your baby clothes and diapers.

- Your family’s cloths come out naturally clean, fresh and residue-less after every use.

- As always in our philosophy to make product with love & care, we believe it is important to reduce your exposure to potentially unhealthy chemicals like optical brightener, dye, chlorine bleach and enzymes.

- As a result our powder is kinder to your skin and safer option for sensitive skin, and safer to the environment.

- We believe it s important to reduce your exposure to potentially unhealthy chemicals such as optical brighteners, phosphate, chlorine bleach, enzymes, dye & formaidehyde.

- BabyOrganix products are all about toxic-free and eco-friendly. Our belief of providing the highest quality, healthiest and safest products for your baby and family is our mission. We believe that personal care products, toiletries and home cleaning products made from natural & organic ingredients are healthy on our bodies without causing allergic reactions and skin sensitivity.

How To Use:

Remove all solid waste from soiled nappies before soaking
For soaking, use 1 scoop to 5 liter of water
After soaking, nappies ready for hand or machine washed.

O’Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent 1 Litre
2 Flavours: Lavender / Mint

- BabyOrganix O’ Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent is carefully formulated with Zero “0” harmful ingredients.

- We believe it is important to reduce your exposure to potentially unhealthy chemicals such as Optical Brighteners, Phosphate, Chlorine Bleach, Enzymes, Dye and Formaldehyde.

- Super concentrated and low suds formulation perfect for all machines.

- Free from dye, enzymes, phosphate & optical brighteners and all nasty chemical.

- Natural based ingredients, easily biodegradable, safer for your home and our patient.

- Environmental friendly formulation good for people with sensitive skin.

- Suitable for baby clothes and even your delicate.

- Most detergent conventional brands leave a chemical residue on clothing, which is in turn absorbed by our skin and inhaled into our lungs. This residual goop present a lot of customers with bothersome, harmful, and dangerous symptoms. They may cause illness which include the range from skin or eye irritation to other more serious ailments, such as eczema, rashes, endocrine disruption and others. O’Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent is the alternative for the other products that you have been using. Switch and use this now!

How To Use:

Put the liquid directly onto the stained one, then proceed with the normal washing cycle.

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