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Baby Lion Essential Oil Anti-mosquito Sticker (12pcs/Box)

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Natural, no toxic, no burden, use effectiveness, less stimulating
Add ecocert natural certified lemon yogali essential oil (pmd)
Adoption of the United States Federal Environmental Protection Agency (epa) Announcement of Plant Extracts for Effective Mosquito Repellent
No additional enemy deet, not containing camphor, spices, pigments, preservative mi & mci
Detection of harmful substances such as heavy metals by sgs
Origin: Taiwan

【Baby Lion Essential Oil Anti-mosquito Sticker】
Content: 12 pieces (3cm diameter / sheet)
Component: Fragrant aromas, yugali, add ecocert natural certified lemon yogali essential oil (pmd)
Applicable: Infants and adults Indoor usage is approximately 12-24 hours, about 8 hours outside

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