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Baby Foot Deodorant Mist 宝贝脚 除异味脚气喷雾100ML

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Babyfoot Deodorant Spray is a spray type deodorant containing the primary ingredient for deodorants.

This babyfoot deodorant spray allows easy removal of foot odour with only one spray.

This spray keeps your feet fresh and dry. It may be applied when wearing socks or stockings, or even directly to the shoes themselves.

Made in Japan, Fragrance-free, Color free

Helps get rid of the odor caused by bacteria in the foot, underarms or other body parts due to excessive sweating.

Make skin fresh and non greasy

Fresh & Odor Free

For Sweaty Feet and Foot Odor

- Suitable for all seasons
- Reduce shoes odor
- Refreshing & not greasy
- Sweaty foot quick drying

3 Key Functions
- Sweat Control 
- Prevents Odor
- Moisturising 

Spray on the foot if you are anxious about the presence of an odour. It can be applied even if wearing socks, stockings, or directly to the shoes.

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