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Aurora D. Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush (White/Black)

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Aurora D. Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush recharge your healthiest smile

Keep your teeth and gums healthy! Aurora D. Smart Sonic Toothbrush is a sonic-powered toothbrush that fulfills every need of yours. With its ultra-fast vibrations, customizable settings, and long-lasting battery life, give your hands a break and give your teeth the care that manual toothbrushes can't clean.

- Up to 40,000 Sonic Vibration Per Minute

- Maintain Daily Oral Hygiene

- Smart Timer Technology

- Cleansing and Waterproof

Toothbrush length: 24.8cm

Keep your teeth and gums healthy!


- 1 X Sonic Electric Toothbrush Handle


- 2 X Brush Heads

The brush head should be replaced every 3 months as recommended by dental professionals or earlier if it shows visible bristle wear. A worn brush head will not provide effective teeth cleaning.

- 1 X USB Cable

3 weeks battery life (2 min use twice a day) with only 4 hours charging

1. Dupont Bristles

- DuPont produces professional brushes with a consistent high quality and wear performance through their perfect tufting.

- The end-rounding design of DuPont filaments improves the effectiveness in cleansing, reducing plaque and tartar build-up while avoiding excessive abrasion.

2. FiveBrushing Modes

- Find your perfect partner with our 5 wise modes: Daily care, whitening, sensitive & gum care, polish, gum massage.

3. Powerful, Long-Lasting Lithium Battery

- With just a single charge, the smart sonic toothbrush will give you up to THREE WEEKS of cleaning time if using twice a day.

4. 40,000 Sonic Vibration Per Minute

- Smart sonic toothbrush gives you the optimum cleaning without damaging your gums. Its high-frequency vibrations transferred directly to the brush head. Even when it's up against your teeth, the brush head maintains its power.

- The water and toothpaste bubbles in your mouth form tiny pulses that clean powerfully and the brush fully penetrates the gaps between teeth, removing plaque and achieving a deeper clean than a manual toothbrush alone.

5. Quad-Interval Technology

- Every 30 seconds you'll feel a gentle vibration to remind you to move on to another part of your mouth. You'll share the love with EVERY tooth! Clinically proven to provide better cleaning in hard-to-reach areas than a manual.

6. Smartimer and Quadpacer

- The smartimer helps to remind you of the brushing time of 2 minutes which dentist recommend.

- The quadpacer interval timer indicates when to move to next quadrant.

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