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Au Fairy Mask 3's [Berries/Honey/Pearl/Seaweed Essence]

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Au Fairy Bliss Berries Brightening Mask - Berries Essence - 3's

Bliss out with the Au Fairy Bliss Berries Mask!

Saturated with Berry Essence that uses the vitamin-rich extracts of four berries, this mask helps brighten up dull complexions.

Just apply and relax. There’s no better way to chill out after a long day of work.

Key Features:

- Antioxidant brightening sheet mask with Berry Essence

- Moisturises & revitalises 

- Antioxidant properties

You will love the berries essence mask that relieves your stress and skin brightening effect of this mask.

Au Fairy Honey Potion Nourishing Mask - Honey Essence - 3's

Oh honey, that damaged skin of yours needs some repairing!

The Au Fairy Honey Potion Mask is designed to moisturise and relieve stressed skin.

Let Mother Nature help you – honey is the best superfood for your skin's health and has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Say goodbye to dry and dull skin.

Key Features:

- Superfood Real Honey Sheet Mask

- Moisturises, nourishes & heals

- Antioxidant properties

You will love the honey essence mask that relieves your stress and nourishes your stressed skin.

Au Fairy Pearl Pixies Whitening Mask - Pearl Esssence - 3's

Give your skin the royal treatment with the Au Fairy Pearl Pixies mask, designed to bring out your skin’s inner shine.

This mask contains conchiolin, the protein which gives pearls their lovely shine, and milk protein, which is rich in amino acids.

Say goodbye to dull skin and use regularly to keep sun damage at bay.

Key Features:

- Moisturising & brightening

- Hydrolyzed jewel & pearl powders

- Jewel & pearl powders whitening sheet mask

You will love the pearl essence mask that lightens skin pigmentation.

Au Fairy Mermaid Elixir Deep Moisturising Mask - Seaweed Essence - 3's

Discover nature’s underwater secret to perfect skin. Get a dose of double hydration with the Au Fairy Mermaid Elixir Mask.

The mask contains seaweed extract to help soothe dry skin while replenish moisture levels and restoring balance to leave you with a clear glow.

For best results, use daily.

Key Features:

- Moisturises & soothes

- Restores skin balance

- Double hydration sheet mask with seaweed extract

You will love the seaweed essence mask that provides a deep moisturising that improves your skin texture.

How to Use:

Use after usual cleansing routine.

Remove mask from the packet and apply on face.

Leave the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes, then remove and discard.

Massage remaining essence into skin. 

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