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Arax Pitta Mask Kids 3's [Cool/Sweet] - Washable Protective Face Mask

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2020 NEW UPGRADE VERSION: (100% Authentic product imported from Japan)
**Original with LOT NUMBER & distribution company info on the packaging to verifying.**

1. Washable times increased from 3 times to 5 times.

2. Addition of antibacterial processing

The mask is processed with an inorganic antibacterial agent to inhibits the growth of bacteria attached to the mask surface.

3. Individual packaging design with branding

The brand logo printed on individual packaging to strengthen branding

4. Slight changes on packaging design 
Included JHPIA logo on outer packaging to show that the product comply with JHPIA standard of safety and hygiene.

The award-winning Pitta Mask is part of a trend in Japan for wearing surgical-style face masks that protect you (and also protect others when you are sick), but still retain a fashionable look.

Coming in a pack of three, Pitta Mask offers a three-dimensional structure that aligns better with the contours of your face to capture 99% of pollen in its innovative soft-stretch polyurethane materials that allows higher air permeability for easy breathing.

Unlike most masks which are disposable, the durable Pitta Mask can be washed up to 3-5 times and reused.


1. Open mask from side to side and check the correct direction.

2. Stretch and hook the holes to both ears

3. Gently press the mask on face to adhere tightly

* Please dry in shade after hand wash

3 pieces of mask in 1 pack

** 100% Original Imported From Japan.

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