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April Skin Magic Stone Set (2pcs)

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Forget the typical handmade soap that softens when soaked in water,
a soap that is difficult to wash face due to lack of foam and contains chemical ingredients that often causes skin trouble!!

- NO Formal dehyde
- NO Mineral oil
- NO Synthetic perfume
- NO Paraben
- NO Animal oil
- NO Artificial hardener
- NO Chemical surfactant 

Day - Magic Stone Black

√ Moming Cleansing
√ Second-step Cleansing
√ To wash a light makeup
√ When your skin is too sensitive

Night - Magic Stone Original

√ Night Cleansing
√ Deep Cleansing
√ To wash a heavy makeup
√ Pore Cleansing 

In the morning, use mild Magic Stone Black!
In the evening, deep-cleansing Magic Stone!

It doesn't irritate or dry your skin.
You could even remove sebum with this mild natural soap!

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