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Utena Premium Puresa Skin Conditioning Mask 3's

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Utena Premium Puresa Skin Conditioning Masks 

Using the fermented rice, rich in amino acids extracted locally in Japan, the rice extract is able to rapidly increase and strengthen “skin barrier” in 3 minutes.

Skin Balance Maintenance
- Ceramide
- Fermented Rice Extract
3 Minute Rapid Moisturisation 
- Unique high moisture retention
- Moisturising Jelly Formula 

Suitable for
- Stressful Skin
- Dry Skin
- Troubled Skin

The unique "Moisturizing Jelly Formula"
- Tighten pores
- Smoothening dry wrinkles
- Recovering to moist
- Plump pore-less skin.

Additives Free
- Free from artificial fragrance, artificial colouring, mineral oil, alcohol, silicon and ultraviolet absorber. 

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