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[Clearance] Moon17 Aloe Soothing Whitening Mask ( 25ml x 8pcs) - EXP:17th April 2022

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EXP:17th April 2022

Silky mask delivers an ultra-fresh sensation-instantly toning and quenching dry, dehydrated skin. With plant extract ingredient such as papaya enzyme, rose & aloe extract. With high-concentrate serum essence mask sheet, with only 1 application (25ml) , it is equal to 1 bottle of serum apply.

The high concentrate serum mask able to absorb instantly into deep skin to make skin supple for long period.

一次一片面膜等于涂上一罐精华于脸上 。 经济的价钱等于外面一片 RM25 面膜的价钱和品质。 Main benefit: - Suitable for sensitive skin use - NO fragrance , NO alcohol ,


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