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[Baby Snacks] Renewallife DDODDOMAM Korean Real Puffing - Strawberry Banana Choco - For 12+ Months Baby Finger Food

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* Expiry OCT 2022

**Suitable for 1 year old & above

- No artificial flavoring

- No deep frying

- No preservatives

- Expert and know-how design with best gripping size, yet crunchy and melts in your mouth easily.

- Conveniently packed with resealable zip lock bag.

- Perfect size to bring along as shopping, dining or traveling snacks.

DDODDOMAM Real Puffing - Cheese

- Renewal white2 (Organic sugar, vegetable oil, mixed skim milk powder, lecithin), Chemical-free brown rice, wheat flour, Cheese powder, Organic Sugar, Sea salt. Contain wheat, milk and soy bean.

DDODDOMAM Real Puffing - Strawberry Banana

Ingredients:Whitemom (Organic sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa butter, mixed milk powder, lecithin), Pesticide-free brown rice, Pesticide-free rice, Pesticide-free wheat flour, Strawberry powder, Banana powder, Sea salt. Contains wheat, milk and soybean.

DDODDOMAM Real Puffing - Choco

Ingredients:Pesticide-free brown rice, Renewal Choco (Organic sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, mixed whole milk powder, mixed nonfat dry milk powder, cocoa powder, lecithin), Pesticide-free rice, Organic black rice, Pesticide-free wheat flour, Organic sugar, Roasted coconut powder, Cocoa powder, Sea salt. Contains wheat, milk and soybean.

Nutritional Information:

- Serving Size : 1 pack (25g)

- Amount per Serving : Energy :115kcal, Carbohydrate : 19g, Sugars : 5.1g, Protein : 2g, Fat : 3.5g, Saturated fatty acid : 1.3g, Trans fatty acid : 0g, Cholesterol : 0mg, Sodium : 68.9mg


- Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity, keep it in a cool dry place. Even within expiry date, once opened, please consume as soon as possible.

- Please visit our microsite for more information about

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