Sister KOL Influencer Programme

Earn commission by recommending SISTER to your communities.

How does the Community Influencer Program work?

The Sister KOL Influencer Programme allows you to recommend SISTER products or promotions on your communities or social media using a unique URL and earn commission for each approved purchase made by your followers. Meanwhile, your followers who make purchase through your unique URL will receive extra discount from us.

Who qualifies for this Sister KOL Influencer programme?

  1. Any Social Media Influencers with big enthusiasm for cosmetics and skin care products.
  2. You must have an Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, as well as a blog or website.
  3. Individual contributor and make sure your Social Media is set to public.

For our selection process, we will consider the number of followers your account has, the kind of content you share and other engagement metrics.

Why should I join?

  1. Earn competitive commission with no cap on approved purchases made by your followers using your unique URL.
  2. Get benefits such as special promotions every month and get an opportunity to be chosen as our Official Ambassador.

How do I get started?

Talk to us and we will review your application. Approval process may take minimum 7 working days and once you have been approved, you can start recommending SISTER right away using your unique URL! To know more, please contact our team.

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